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Unlocked Phones

SmartphoneFix offers you extensive and varying selections of unlocked phones, iPhone, and smartphones that are sim card free.

Locked phones are basically the phones that are designed by the manufacturer of the device to ensure that the phone cannot be used on any other network carrier, unless the user enters a software code to unlock the phone.

unlockedThe greatest advantage of obtaining an unlocked smartphone is simply the freedom to change the cell phone service provider. The unlocked phones enable a user to change the network provider as many times as they wish. If a user of a locked phone is unhappy with their phone carrier, there is little they can do short of buying a now phone or attempting to unlock their phone. On the other hand, having an unlocked phone give the owner absolute freedom to pick the network provider that best suits their tastes and more importantly their budget.

Unlocked phones allow for easy, cheap and convenient international travel. For people who travel frequently locked phones can be very expensive for them. Most cell phone providers have roaming charges if the phone owner uses his phone in a different country other than the country that the phone was bought. Unlocked phone owners just swap the sim card of their original country to a sim card of a local cellular network provider. It eliminates the need to change their phones and avoids the roaming charges.

Unlocked phones also save money for their owners in various ways. First, the owner can change the network provider if he feels that they are too expensive and use a cheaper provider. In addition, there are no hidden service charges that are usually attached to locked phones. Of a phone is tied to a provider they charge additional costs to use services such as text messaging and data charges. With a locked phone, the user will have to pay for these costs. Unlocked phones owners can pay as they go on their phones, and if the costs are too high they can just switch providers.

The final advantage is the availability of software updates to the phone. Software updates are essential to any device, for convenience and more importantly for security fixes. The locked phones have their software and applications tied to a service provider while the unlocked phones’ applications and software can be upgraded and fixed at the convenience of the users.

phoneThe advantages of unlocked phones are numerous with this article barely scratching the surface of their convenience. It is why SmartphoneFix has a large selection of unlocked phones from most manufacturers.

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