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The Best Gaming Monitor

Advancements in gaming technology have made it fun to play as they feature multiple game modes and interesting lighting effects that provide excellent solid performance. Most gamers concentrate on software and interior gaming computer components other than peripherals such as the monitor. Monitors are essential in gaming and provide an interactive display user interface. The best gaming monitor is rated on its display resolution and integrates high graphics that creates great immersion levels that give the player lively gaming experience. There are many brands in the market that make high-quality gaming monitors. Click here for the best gaming monitor right now. Currently, Acer Predator XB271HU is regarded as the best gaming monitor in the market as it has the following superior specs;

Product review


The Acer Predator gaming monitor has a viewable area of 27 inches which means it can be used from a distance when playing the game. The Acer Predator is developed with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a screen resolution of 2560 x1440 which means that it has intense graphic optimization and allows different game console options. The refresh rate of the Acer Predator is at 144Hz which means it refreshes 144 times per second and has a response time of 4ms and a pixel pitch of 0.233mm. The Acer Predator uses the IPS panel that optimizes the screen angles and has four USB ports with signal inputs of 1 x Display port and 1 x HDMI 1.4 and comes with two speakers.

Gaming immersion

The Acer Predator gaming monitor is credited to have a great immersion as it creates vivid gaming themes and environment which enhances the performance of the game. The intense graphic resolutions show vivid details that draw the gamer into the game and make the game livelier. The display in itself enhances the gaming experience making it very entertaining which gives the player a feeling of satisfaction.

Uninterrupted gaming action

It is the desire for every player to play their game uninterrupted. The Acer Predator gaming monitor uses NVIDIA G-SYNC that synchronizes the gaming monitor’s refreshing rate. The monitor is eliminated screen tearing, minimizes display stutter as well as input lag such that the gamer experiences instantaneous gaming action. The Acer Predator monitor gives an ultra-smooth motion between scenes giving sharp graphics and avoids motion blur that may bring about ghosting or smearing effects.

Picture perfection


Acer Predator gaming monitor gives live images and has a rich color adjustment that attains high color accuracies. The IPS panel used in the monitor further enhances that the screen display remains flicker less which protects the eyes and allows one to be immersed in the game for long times. These specs have made the Acer Predator XB271HU the best-rated gaming monitor in the market.

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