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The Advantages of Hosted Desktop Services

Ever questioned what the fuss was all about? After all, it is simply a centralised information storage center, right? Well, not. In reality, hosted desktops offer several beneficial services all bundled into one plan to provide your business just the edge it needs to prosper over rivals. Here are the most noteworthy benefits you will get by choosing a hosted desktop service:

Hosted-Desktops 01Centralised data storage: The information storage in a main area permits you, your staff members and customers to gain access to stored data from virtually anywhere in the world, through a password secured user interface. Data is secured not just by password protection, however also by encrypting any information transfer to and from the server.

Information security: Your clients’ sensitive data forms the backbone of your company. Any breach can show to be irreparably damaging to your reputation. Fortunately, every hosted desktop company incorporates data security in its list of services. Anti-virus software application is always set up on the servers and kept updated. Some good firewall software is always there, to avoid entry of worms and Trojans. Lastly, the strong information file encryption supplies considerable protection from hacking attempts.

E-mail hosting services: Most great desktop hosting services likewise bundle e-mail hosting services with data storage. Not just that, for a charge you can even get e-mail hosted on Microsoft Exchange platform. This supplies Hosted-Desktops 02unmatched security to all your delicate e-mails, and also offers a means of accessing those from anywhere, any time of the day.

Prescheduled backup: Your data is constantly backed up at regular intervals by the provider. So, in case of an unexpected calamity, you can rest assured that your data will certainly continue to be safe.

Technical support: Any great desktop hosting provider will certainly likewise bundle IT support services with the plan. In case you or any of your clients have some problem accessing any data or e-mail, you will certainly have someone fix it and have it repaired. All you have to do is to call their support desk and describe the issue to them.

Hosted-Desktops 03Scalable storage: Are you broadening your business with brand-new customers and more staff members? Not a problem at all. Simply call up your service provider and let them know about it. Your information storage space on the server will be expanded to accommodate the extra load. All you need to do is pay a small fee for the service.

Cost reliable storage: Hosted desktops provide great value, no matter just how much space you require. You also get to save big on maintenance and support.

All these advantages make hosted desktop services a must for your ever-broadening company.

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