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Save Water and The Planet with a Shower Timer

We all take at least one or two showers a day; sometimes we will wash our hair, and sometimes we don’t. However, have you ever wondered how long you spend in a shower?

Many people do not realize it, but they can spend up to 30 mins or even more in a shower. The time they spend Shower 01means there is more water flowing. Water is a valuable resource, and we must not waste it. There are people in other countries who do not have clean water to drink. We should, therefore, use water with care and try to conserve as much of it as we can.

In truth, it should only take a person about five minutes to have a good shower. One miniature to wet your hair and body and one minute to shampoo and soap yourself and then another couple of minutes to wash off the shampoo and soap. Many people like just to stand under the shower and let the water run. They do not know how much time is passing. This is why it will be wise to buy a timer.

A shower timer is a device that is connected to your shower head and will shut off the water at a said time. You can set it for 5 or 10 minutes and you can also have it stop while you shampoo and soap yourself.

Shower 05In this way, you will know that your time is up, and you will not spend extra time under the shower. Taking a shower means a lot of water is being used. Unlike taking a bath in a bathtub or washing yourself under a tap, shower consumes much more water. Most of the water from a shower simply flows to the drain without even touching your body.

As we all know we need to take care of our natural resources. If we waste water, there will come a time where we will not have it, and then we will realize the errors we have made. Why not do your part to save water and in turn save the planet and use a shower timer for your next shower.

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