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Popular Options For the Best Gaming Mouse

You need a great mouse for when you’re playing games online so you can easily move around the screen with it and get to the commands that you need to order in your game as soon as possible. Look at eSport Source for the best gaming mouse. You also need something that will keep your grip steady and secure.

Best gaming mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrummzxbcnxbnzbcz

The G502 Proteus Spectrum from Logitech works with a hexagonal core with support for up to six weights at 3.6g each. This allows you to create a consistent balance on all parts of the mouse, this giving you more support for even movements. You can also customize up to eleven buttons on the mouse to create more controls for a variety of important functions.

Roccat Nyth

The Nyth is popular for being amazingly customizable. It has twelve side buttons that can be configured in many ways with some options allowing for added controls when two or more are pushed together. This creates a variety of great combinations that you can use when playing with the mouse.

The body of the Nyth is also contoured quite well. It allows you to have a comfortable tone on it so it will be easy for you to control more functions and to access its many buttons.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

This ergonomic mouse has a strong grip that will not cause fatigue or make you struggle to try and move the mouse as carefully as possible. The rubber grips on the sides will certainly work well for when you are trying to get a clear handle running on this without being too hard to manage.

SteerSeries Sensei

Designed with twelve buttons with ten of them being fully programmable the SteerSeries Sensei works with a life distance feature that you can also customize. This allows you to control how well the mouse will respond to lifts and if it will adjust how the cursor moves as a result. This should give you more control for managing the mouse’s functions.

Cougar 550Mdhjshfjsdhfsf

The Cougar 550M is the last option to take a closer look at. This choice is one that has a six-button interface and a convenient scroll wheel that is responsive and quick to the touch. The cable is especially conducive for handling signals while the response time for all parts is easy to handle. This makes it a good gaming mouse for when you need to make some rather fast movements.

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