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Keys to Excellent Workplace Mentoring

There are various keys to excellence in mentoring programs. You can use these keys as templates for designing and implementing new programs or improving existing ones. BTC mentor club membership review can help you to be excellent at mentoring. The following are the common keys to excellence in mentoring.


You need an approval from the top for mentorship. Grassroots enthusiasm and support from the middle levels of a given organization otherwise your mentoring program may fail. Developing a value proposition which spells out important and clear benefits for an organization and the people is therefore vital.value mentoring

Goals and purpose

If mentoring is not a joke but a serious strategy that is designed to achieve important results. The purpose and goals of a mentoring program must be well defined. These evolve as you continue analyzing needs and develop the value proposition.


Implementing mentoring is more like building a house. Purpose, goals and strategic value lay the foundation, but you must have a framework to support the roof and walls. Processes, people, and resources, adequate to the task are necessary for mentoring.


The design of the mentoring program is mapped out, the materials specified, the implementation stages and steps documented. Actions are listed, a timeline is developed and responsibilities assigned.

Program management

Regardless of whether you develop the program in-house or outsource, you need internal mentoring coordination and management. A team or person should be responsible for all aspects of the program, especially supporting mentoring participants.

Roles and responsibilities

People have various ideas about mentoring, so you should make explicit what mentoring is, and what mentees and mentors are supposed to do.

Engagement blueprint

How do the mentors recruit mentees? How will you get the mentees and keep them involved and excited? How do you prepare them for their duties? How will you support them? Who will be the mentees and mentors and how will you prevent the program from fizzling out. A blueprint will show the activities over the life of the program, and it is normally designed to keep people engaged.


You need to get the mentoring message across to the management, participants and those involved in the program. Your strategy of communication clarifies what message has to be transmitted how, when and to whom.


evalauationUsing the value proposition, goals and purposes you can develop the criteria for success. On a matrix you can plot how and what you can measure, you should show whether mentoring was worthwhile for people in the long-term or short-term. For the organization, what the return on investment of the mentoring program is.

By working on these keys of excellence then you are sure on the way to success in your mentoring program.

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