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How to use google fax number

faxing services

With the technological advancements in the world for the past years, use of the internet has made the globe world seem like a small village. Why? Simply because you are able to communicate to anybody anytime irrespective of the different time zones you have. A facsimile/telecopying in short fax, is a transmission of scanned printed images and texts sent to a telephone number associated with output devices mostly a printer. For a free google fax number click here;


  • The emergence of the internet google fax number is advantageous compared to the old fax machine cause:
  • It is possible to fax from computers cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox
  • With the use of smartphones, you can send and receive faxes.
  • The use of google fax number is incredibly fast.

In the past, you had to own to own a fax machine for you to send and receive messages. For the then small-scale traders with no capacity to own a fax machine, it made their businesses a nightmare as they had to depend on others for a fax machine. How then do I use google fax number?

Create an account

Well then, first and foremost you have to create a Google Gmail account if you happen not to have one. An email is essential cause the google fax online number will forward all of your incoming faxes to your mailing choice(as earlier said in this case Gmail). There are several web-based Fax companies like Ring central and efax so you choose the one that fits your needs. You then compose a mail and enter the fax number. Use of an online fax service provider is the only way you get a Google Fax number.

Linking your account

After linking your number to your Gmail account, there are a lot of things you can do using your google fax number. With the google, you can hold signatures on the documents you send and for the frequent office workers, it makes the documents legally binding. With the google fax number, you can send and receive emails on your mobile devices due to its compatibility with Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Easy to read

Since a google fax number is linked to your Gmail email account, it is easy to read and access through all detailed reports you ever sent and received. This is a form of keeping a track record of all …

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Different Digital Solutions Offered by WeCode


Many people and institutions are shifting from analog to digital ways of operation and access to information. Consequently, there is the growing need for online platforms to facilitate transactions on the internet.

Thus, WeCode is a specialized company in creating web pages, custom-built sites, as well as online shops customized to meet your needs. Do not look further than webbureau for all the digital issues. Let us review WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, and Joomla as some of the digital solutions developed by WeCode.

Digital solutions


It is a global content management system for websites, which is the best in the world regarding its ease of application. Most companies also use it to sell services online or start a shop on the internet. Other people use it to create forums, portals, and price comparison sites.

WordPress has multiple usages because of its flexibility as well as the fact that it is a dynamic tool for digital application. WeCode develops WordPress that entails specialized solutions, corporate websites, updating of existing websites, web shop, making errors search or correcting mistakes, WordPress support, and service agreement.


The second digital solution developed by WeCode is the PrestaShop, which is a system used to conduct electronic trade for online shops. Many companies use PrestaShop today all over the world because it is scalable and straightforward to use. You can use it to integrate accounting, freight, and warehouse systems including E-conomic, packaging labels, and Dinero.

Moreover, it can handle several markets as well as multiple types of web shop within the same platform. WeCode provides a complete PrestaShop solution in addition to developing PSD to PrestaShop theme & design, installing new modules or updating your PrestaShop shop, debugging and troubleshooting of your PrestaShop, and other support services.


Magento is a preferred e-commerce platform for shop-owners globally. Its preference stems from the fact that it is the most integration-friendly and scalable online solution for web shops that is available on the market today.

Its benefit is that you can request WeCode to customize it to suit your desired and specific requirements. You can get a new Magento web shop solution with the first year of hosting being free, update you existing Magento online shop, install new modules, as well as get instant support services.


Another leading digital solution that WeCode offers is the Joomla, which is a perfect tool for creating websites and other digital …

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