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Is Gmail Fax Worth Using?


Gmail fax is simply a fax service conducted over the internet, which allows you to send and receive faxes from your regular Gmail account. To use the service, you must have an active Gmail account, then signup with an online fax service. The Google fax service is connected to the fax number, which is then forwarded to your inbox as an email. When you receive the fax message, it will come in a TIFF or a PDF file attached to the mail. Since many organizations and individual are using the service, what are the advantages of Gmail fax?


You won’t need a fax machine

The only machine needed will be a computer or your mobile device, which you will use to access the fax message in your Gmail inbox. This helps to free up the space you would need to set up the fax machine.

It is less-costly

Compared to the regular fax messaging services, Gmail faxing is less expensive. You will not need to purchase the fax machine, along with the papers and toners. All you need is your computer or any other gadget that can access your Gmail account. You will only pay for the online fax services. Most of the companies that offer the services have a free trial offer for 30 days, so you still end up saving a lot of money. The monthly fee for the online fax services can range from between $8 and $10.

It offers you virtual filing

Thanks to the Google Drive, you can store all your documents from Gmail faxing on the cloud. You can also leave them in your inbox, and access them whenever you need them. The online fax service provider can also offer you a storage drive to keep the fax messages for about a year.

You only print what you need

With the traditional faxing machine, every fax message will be printed automatically, regardless of the relevance of that message. Even if you received a five-word fax message, the machine would automatically print it. Conversely, Gmail faxing allows you only to print the messages that you need to have on paper. Every other message remains in your Gmail inbox.

Easily accessible

You can access all your fax messages from wherever you are. Since they are all stored in your Gmail inbox, you can sign in your Gmail account and access them on-the-go.

Gmail fax allows …

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